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Staying Warm This Winter: What to Do When the Power Goes Out

Power Goes Out

If a winter storm makes your power goes out , you’ll want to find the best ways to stay as warm as possible. If your electricity is out for more than a few hours, your home will cool down, often to uncomfortable – if not dangerous – temperatures.

These tips will help you stay warm and safe even without your central heating.


Care of Your New Stainless Steel Propane Grill

Propane Grill

You may just find that Santa left you a new Propane Grill under the tree this year. Well, it needs regular care to keep it in good condition for many barbecuing seasons to come. Weather, acid ingredients, and general wear and tear can take a toll your stainless steel grill. Here are a few tips to keep it in top shape.


Important Propane Tank Safety Information for You and Your Family


A quick, detailed list of Propane Tank Safety Information provided by the propane council. We offer certified tank delivery. Download our reference pdf and keep it posted where the info is needed most.


Health Benefits of Propane vs. Charcoal

The char and smoke of charcoal grills carry serious health concerns.

Summer in Alaska is once again coming to an end and what better way to honor this beautiful time of the year than with a good ol’ BBQ. While there’s nothing stopping you from lighting up the grill at other times of the year, there’s just something special about enjoying a juicy steak and fresh sides in the sunshine.


Propane Fuel Statistics 101

Propane Fuel Statistics

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There are numerous statistics related to propane. There are probably too many to keep track of but the most relevant are provided here for informational purposes only. These statistics come from external sources as reported.

US Propane Fuel Statistics and Usage