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Why Two Tanks of Propane?


As a part of our route service, we provide your second, or spare tank at no additional charge (just the standard, discounted 2nd container swap rate).  By providing a second tank to you, our valued customers, it allows for the flexibility of always having a full spare tank on hand, while only paying the cost for the propane itself.   This allows you to request a tank swap from The Propane Guys when one of your tanks is empty – while giving you the ability to easily swap in your full tank without missing a beat.  It’s that easy!
Order online, call or text 907-272-SWAP from your phone or computer.



Why Propane Delivery


Since starting business, we’ve had a number of new questions asked by customers and potential customers. Take a look at an updated “Why Propane Delivery” for summer 2016. Do you have questions for us? Want to know why we do what we do and how we can save you money? Give us a call or drop us a note.


The Weekend Propane Dilemma….SOLVED!



The Propane Guys have finally solved a long standing issue that many Alaskans face. The last minute (and dreaded) run for propane right before a weekend out of town camping, or bbq with the family. The last thing you want to do is worry about having enough propane, or any at all. The Propane Guys ensures that with a bit of planning, you won’t run out of propane and you will be fully stocked with enough propane to get you through your weekend! Here are a few FAQ on the topic:


How about Propane Billing and Invoicing, that has to be complicated right?

Propane Billing and Invoicing

Not at all!  With our automated  Propane Billing and Invoicing, along with correspondence options your service from The Propane Guys will be as simple as can be.  You can sign up under our Customer Portal to provide easy online payments, and delivery scheduling.

With automated communication, scheduling, notification and payment options our service is a breeze for request to delivery and all the way through the payment process.  If you ever do find something to be difficult, just contact us and one of our Propane Guys will be happy to assist with anything you need!

Call, text, or email 907-272-SWAP -or-<a href=” ” target=”_top”> </a>



What is the propane cost per tank for your services?

What is the propane cost per tank for your services? Do I get a discount for having multiple tanks serviced during one delivery?

$30.00 is your Propane Guys cost for one tank to be swapped out at your home on our regularly scheduled route day in your area.  As a part of our route service however, any additional tanks swapped during that delivery are swapped at a discounted rate of only $25.00/tank!

If you need one tank, or two you are still saving money over the retail (box) stores. Take a look at our post and read more about our Fair Propane Pricing and the breakdown on how The Propane Guys can save you money and time!