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Care of Your New Stainless Steel Propane Grill

Propane Grill

You may just find that Santa left you a new Propane Grill under the tree this year. Well, it needs regular care to keep it in good condition for many barbecuing seasons to come. Weather, acid ingredients, and general wear and tear can take a toll your stainless steel grill. Here are a few tips to keep it in top shape.


Which Type of Steak is Best for Marinating?


Which type of steak is best for marinating?

As any true lover of steaks will tell you, marinating your meat is a particularly good way to crank the flavor volume right up. It works great when cooking on a barbecue, where the extra smokiness adds even more amazing flavor but is equally beneficial when grilling or pan-frying too.


Properly Cooked Meats and Veggies Every Time


Take the guesswork out of your next barbecue, using only a watch and meat thermometer. Properly Cooked Meats and Veggies, whether you’re grilling up burgers, dogs, chicken, chops, or veggies, grill the right way every time with these approximate cook times and safe internal temperatures.


Health Benefits of Propane vs. Charcoal

The char and smoke of charcoal grills carry serious health concerns.

Summer in Alaska is once again coming to an end and what better way to honor this beautiful time of the year than with a good ol’ BBQ. While there’s nothing stopping you from lighting up the grill at other times of the year, there’s just something special about enjoying a juicy steak and fresh sides in the sunshine.


BBQ and Grill Facts



Here are 10 fun BBQ and Grill Facts that you may not know. Check out this info-graphic filled with fun and interesting facts. Then get ready to fire up the grill!