How Our Service Works

The Propane Guys are the answer to all of your residential & commercial propane fuel needs. Simply sign up for our easy, convenient, and cost effective propane delivery solution and we will handle the rest for you.

Step 1

Contact The Propane Guys via email or 1-907-272-SWAP to discuss your propane needs

Step 2

One of our representatives will contact you to arrange for your initial tank swap/delivery, as well as to perform the initial site visit to detail the agreed upon empty and full tank placement location, and to answer any additional questions you may have.

Step 3

Enjoy your new, clean, and certified propane tank delivered by The Propane Guys in your grill, patio heater, or fireplace knowing that your reliable friends at The Propane Guys are willing and ready whenever you have a further need for service.

Step 4

YOU ARE OUT OF PROPANE! Oh no, this is normally no fun, right? This time it is easy. Simply swap out your empty tank with the full, certified tank provided (we always supply our valued customers with a spare, simply at the cost of propane) so you are never left without fuel!

Step 5

At this point – it is time to put in a delivery request. Simply order online, with your smartphone, email or 1-907-272-SWAP and you will be on our route.

Step 6

The day prior to your service, depending on your request you will receive a text message, email or call/text 1-907-272-SWAP call to advise you of your upcoming service. This helps all of us by avoiding any trips where no tank is available to swap out.

Step 7

While you are busy enjoying your own time, instead of filling your tank or swapping it yourself – you will receive a real time email stating that your service has been completed with an invoice attached for reference.

Step 8

Your payment is required after you receive your propane delivery. Please go to our Payment Page. We securely store a credit card on file to handle the payments which of course will also generate a receipt sent directly to you via email.

Never again do you have to wait in line at the box store, or at the gas station. Let the friendly, local crew at The Propane Guys handle that for you!

100% Satisfaction with our service, product, and professionalism are guaranteed, at all times. We are local, we think local, and we value the relationship we have with each and every one of our customers. We look forward to being of service to you!

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Still not sure about how it works? Take a look at our FAQ’s or give us a call.


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