Fair Propane Pricing

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If you’ve been around a bit, liked us on facebook or followed us on twitter, you will have noticed a common thread among our posts, commercials, and website updates. Our business is built on a true, grassroots, Alaskan effort focused on quality, service and fair propane pricing. Providing quality fair propane pricing includes educating our customers on exactly why working with The Propane Guys is the best choice for residential propane. You can save money and we won’t even require a propane delivery contract!

Fair Propane Pricing

Some wonder how our service can make a profit based on our low costs of only $30.00 per tank ( 1 propane tank ) or $25.00 per tank ( 2 or more propane tanks). The math is quite simple. Your standard box (retail) store, where propane exchange tanks are available, have a number of ways to cut their costs. 1st is a well known tactic of under-filling propane tanks. They don’t hide the fact that they are only providing 15lbs worth of propane in every 20lb propane tank. Their unit pricing discloses this with simple math.

If you take a look at the image below you will see the box (retail) chain store selling their tank for $25.99. Looking closer you will also see that the “unit price” is $1.73 per pound. $25.99 / 15lbs = $1.73 per pound.¬† Most consumers don’t realize they are only receiving 15lbs of propane per tank. The Propane Guys however, offer 20% more propane in each tank, AND we deliver it right to your home! Take a look at the figure below:



1 Tank : 15lb worth of Propane
$25.99 -or- $1.73 per pound
2 Tanks : 30lb worth of Propane
$51.98 -or- $1.73 per pound

Time, Travel and Gas (1 hour ): $15.00

Total Cost for 15lbs of Propane : $40.99 (1 tank*)
Total Cost for 30lbs of Propane : $66.98 (2 tanks*)

*Based on the standard *20lb tank size


1 Tank : 18lb worth of Propane
$25.00 -or- $1.38 per pound
2 Tanks : 36lb worth of Propane
$50.00 -or- $1.38 per pound

Time, Travel and Gas : $0.00

Total Cost for 18lbs of Propane : $25.00 (1 tank*)
Total Cost for 36lbs Tanks of Propane : $50.00 (2 tanks*)

*Based on the standard *20lb tank size


Dedicated to building business from honest, grassroots efforts that include fair propane pricing, easy ordering and quality delivery.

Earning Your Trust & Customer Loyalty

We care about the level of quality propane  we are providing the Alaska market. The Propane Guys is an Alaskan grassroots company, built to create a service that is fair and convenient to busy Alaskans.

We strive to make our delivery/order process as easy as possible. We will provide you with excellent and timely service and look forward to discussing any of your residential propane delivery or commercial propane delivery needs. The Propane Guys pride themselves on being a transparent, Alaskan company, that you can trust to be there with the highest quality service possible. We welcome any open conversation about how we do business, what our service entails and the products we offer. Just Email Us!


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