Here’s what some of our valued customers have to say regarding their professional service from the friendly crew at The Propane Guys.

Five star review for Residential Propane Delivery
Signing up was so much easier than I expected. I called and spoke with a very friendly gentleman who scheduled me for my first tank swap. A polite customer service representative came to my home to help me choose a location, convenient for both of us, to store the empty tanks on my regular service day. He even left me with a full propane tank to use for when I run out of my normal supply. I’m sold! Not only is it a good service, but the staff are friendly and easy to work with as well. I definitely recommend The Propane Guys for anyone who’s tired of waiting in line for their propane.

– J. Swanson, Anchorage, AK

Five star review for Residential Propane Delivery
My neighbor told me about The Propane Guys when she saw me carrying my empty propane tanks to my truck. Being curious, I found them through a simple google search and signed up for service online. Not long after I completed their online registration I received a phone call from a friendly customer service representative. He clearly explained how their residential propane services work and scheduled me for my first tank swap. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my gas fireplace and propane grill ever since, without the need to run to the gas station for more propane! I leave my empty tanks where they’re supposed to be and get an email with a receipt just as soon as they finish each swap. I couldn’t be happier with their service.

– Anonymous Propane Consumer


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