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The Propane Guys business is built around making your life easier by removing one of the obstacles to you doing what you really want to do. Filling your propane tank at the box store or the gas station is never fun, it still costs you money, and most importantly of all, it takes your valuable time!

Time is valuable, and each of us only has so much of it to utilize in a day, a week, a month or a year. Allow us to take away something that truly isn’t important (filling a propane tank) that takes at least an hour of your time.

What is an hour of your time worth to you? $25.00, $50.00, $100.00 or more? Time is truly priceless.

Your propane cost doesn’t change because you take it to the box store or the gas station. They have to charge for propane too – just like we do.

Your average costs are as follows with the two most common methods of service, to have two tanks either swapped or filled:

Option 1 – the Box Store Swap!
    • 2 Tanks Swapped: $45.00


  • Gas to get there: $5.00


  • Your Time: 1+ Hours

Everyone is well familiar with waiting in line at a box store to get customer service.

Option 2 – the Gas Station!
    • 2 Tanks Filled: $40.00


  • Gas to get there: $5.00


  • Your Time: 1+ Hours

The gas station is a cold and unpleasant experience. The teenager filling your propane tank may or may not know what he's doing.

The only option – The Propane Guys delivery solution!
    • 2 Tanks Filled: $50.00


  • Gas to get there: INCLUDED IN OUR SERVICE


  • Your Time: PRICELESS

The Propane Guys are the friendly, professional crew who will bring full tanks of propane right to your door!

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