Storing Propane for an Emergency

Propane for an Emergency

You may already be storing propane tanks for items like your barbecue grill, mosquito zapper, or patio heater. However, using propane can also be used for “off-grid” areas as an alternative source to gasoline, electricity, or natural gas. Due to it’s storage safety, Propane is a great resource to keep on hand for an emergency fuel choice. For convenience, value, air quality and long term storage stability, nothing beats propane.

A few benefits of storing propane for an emergency are:

  • 1. Propane is convenient, safe and easy to use. A reliable source of fuel that can be safely stored .
  • 2. Propane has a near infinite storage life.
  • 3. Propane is easily delivered to your home to store in a location of your choice.
  • 4. Propane has a wide variety of applications and uses such as: portable stoves, portable heaters, fireplaces, fire pits, torches, some engines, and generators.

Propane isn’t without some drawbacks such as:

  • 1. Propane isn’t the lightest weight of fuel choices. However, our residential delivery service can do the heavy lifting for you.
  • 2. Propane gas is toxic.
  • 3. Propane is heavier than air, so if there is a leak the gas will sink. Heavy unburned vapors need to be “drained” outside to disperse.

Because Propane tanks are available through our residential propane delivery service, you can cut out the time and energy it would take to accommodate an order of multiple propane tanks.

Having the convenience of the standard 20lb propane tank stored for emergencies is the most common method. Propane pricing with The Propane Guys is less than your standard retail store, and will in turn save you money.

If you decide to store propane for an emergency, make sure to store it outside, away from the house, and not in direct sunlight. Do not smoke anywhere near stored propane, and do not store propane anywhere that may have a risk of sparks.

Properly stored, propane fuel will last indefinitely without degrading, ready to use on a moment’s notice. For all intents and purposes, there’s no limit to its shelf life.

Earning Your Trust & Customer Loyalty

We care about the level of service we are providing our residential propane customers. We strive to make our delivery/order process as easy as possible. We will provide you with excellent and timely service and look forward to discussing any of your residential propane or commercial propane delivery needs. The Propane Guys pride themselves on being a transparent, Alaskan company, that you can trust to be there with the highest quality service possible. We welcome any open conversation about how we do business, what our service entails and the products we offer. Just Email Us!