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  • Alaskans Love Summer Propane Grilling

    Alaskans Love their Summer Propane Grilling season. Let The Propane Guys delivery residential propane directly to your home! 907-272-SWAP

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  • Propane Tank Safety

    America’s grilling culture is second to none. And with people across the country firing up their propane grills this spring,now is the best time to remind everyone about safe grilling.

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  • Residential Propane Products Pricing

    The Propane Guys have configured a quick and easy flyer of our Residential Propane Products Pricing to give you a snapshot as to what exactly we offer.

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  • Why We Don’t Require Propane Delivery Contracts

    The Propane Guys are building a residential propane delivery and commercial propane delivery company that Alaskans need. That is exactly why it’s so important to us to build and establish relationships with customers that are built the old fashioned way…..with trust, mutual respect, and transparency on how we do business.

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  • Save Time – Get Propane – Enjoy Alaska

    Go to the gym, hit the trails or go out for some entertainment while we worry about your propane. Simply notify us of empty tanks with your mobile device or desktop computer and we’ll bring you full propane tanks to replace your empty ones.

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