Care of Your New Stainless Steel Propane Grill

Propane Grill

You may just find that Santa left you a new Propane Grill under the tree this year. Well, it needs regular care to keep it in good condition for many barbecuing seasons to come. Weather, acid ingredients, and general wear and tear can take a toll your stainless steel grill. Here are a few tips to keep it in top shape.

Perform a Leak Test on Your Propane Grill

If you have a gas or propane grill you must perform a leak test at the beginning of every season and monthly during the season. Simply spray or brush a solution of soapy water on gas tank welds, valves at both ends of the gas line, and on the lines. If you see any bubbles growing on in the soapy water, you have a gas leak. Tighten, repair or replace the affected part and repeat the leak test before using the grill.

Routine Cleaning

You can prevent most problems by routinely cleaning your grill after every use. Start by turning the grill to high for about 10 minutes to burn off food residues. Use a brass grill brush to knock off any charred residue that remains on the grate or burner bars. Wipe away grease residues on the inside of the lid or the outside of the grill. Clean out the drip pan and wash it in hot soapy water. Rinse and dry the pan, then line it with foil for a quick clean up next time.

Wash the Exterior

Wait until the grill is completely cold and wash the exterior as needed with hot soapy water. Use a sponge and nylon scrubber to remove all traces of grease and food. Avoid using steel wool or other abrasives, they can scratch the stainless steel surfaces.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners

While it might seem easier to use your favorite degreaser or chlorine-based cleaner on your new grill, these cleaners can be corrosive and may cause pitting or staining on your shiny new stainless steel surface. Check with your grill manufacturer or your dealer for information on suitable cleaners, if you feel you need more than soap and water.

Cover Your Grill

Your new grill needs to stay covered to protect it from the ravages of nature. Allow the grill to cool completely before covering; residual heat could melt the cover, leaving a plastic mess on your grill. Grills that are kept protected from the elements have a longer life and keep their shiny surface appearance for longer.

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With good care and protection from the elements, your grill can give you many seasons of use. Be sure to inspect the entire grill at the beginning of every season to make sure it is fit for use. Fix problems promptly for safe operation and maximum enjoyment.

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