Residential & Commercial Propane Delivery in Anchorage, AK

The Propane Guys

When I need you to deliver a tank to my home, how can I go about requesting a tank swap delivery?

We try to make the ordering process as easy, and automated as possible.  You can log into your account on our website to request a service, order through the mobile site via your smart phone, or you can call or email or friendly staff as well.  Once scheduled, you will know when your date of service is, receive an automated reminder the day before to put your tank in an accessible location, and will also receive a notification via text, or email immediately upon completion of your tank swap on the date of service. 


Do you require a contract period for your convenient propane delivery services?

No!  We want to be your service provider, and we want to earn your business.  If, at anytime our services do not meet or exceed your expectations or you no longer need propane, contact us for a final tank swap where we will bring you clean, non-branded, certified tanks to replace our tanks and will likely follow up with a card thanking you for your business and asking for more information about where we missed the mark.  Or hope and expectation is that this will never actually happen, but if it does we plan to learn from it and provide a better service moving forward.


What if I forget to leave my tank out on my schedule day of service?

Of course, we would love for this to never happen, which is also why we love technology.  Get a text message, email, or voice call reminder the evening before your service if requested to remind you to place your tank in the agreed upon location.  For the year round griller, or the heavy propane user – we also offer regular, recurring services to meet your demand and to never leave you without propane again!   If for some reason you do in fact forget to leave your propane out as agreed, no big deal. We will contact you directly, resolve the issue, and ensure that our system is set up to avoid any missed services in the future.  In the rare case that a tank is inaccessible multiple times despite our best efforts, a “No Access” fee of $15.00 will be applied for that date of service. 


What is the ideal location to have an empty propane tank located for a scheduled service date?

It’s up to you!  (within reason of course)  Our system allows our Customer Service Reps (CSR’s) to see a specific site instruction that notes where to expect the empty tank to be, and in turn where to place the full, clean, and certified tank for your use.  The side of the garage, front or back porch, or even “under the hedge to the east” are all options when utilizing The Propane Guys.  Considering us your personal propane courier, delivery propane to you in the most service friendly manner possible. 


Can The Propane Guys install a tank on my grill or patio heater for me?

We wish that we could help with that, but unfortunately we cannot.  In today’s world where litigation is so common, our insurance carriers do not allow us to physically install propane tanks into any system, including grills, heaters, mosquito magnets, or any other devices.  Your full, clean, and certified tank will be left in a pre-arranged location upon delivery for you to install on your propane powered devices.  If you have any questions about general propane tank safety or installation guidelines, please visit the link below “general safety link here” or see your specific devices operations manual.