More than a Propane Delivery Company


More than a Propane Delivery Company

Getting propane delivery is a time consuming task. Between work, home, and kids… can get hectic. We understand that in our own lives which is why The Propane Guys began. Have you ever wondered how much time you spend waiting to get your propane tank filled? You have to hit the gas station at exactly the right time to avoid a long wait time for someone to unlock a cage, or refill the tank that’s been rumbling around in the back of your truck for the past week. The Propane Guys are committed to making your propane tank delivery to your home as simple as possible. From our online ordering process all the way to the timely delivery at your door. We want to earn the business that you entrust us with. Give us one shot to show you the kind of business we do. We are More than a Propane Delivery Company.


The Propane Guys are dedicated to being reliable. With the ability to order ahead, you will always have your propane tank when you need it and on time. If you need same day delivery, simply order by 12noon and we will get your covered. No worrying about weathering the cold, and standing outside waiting for a technician to pump your propane. We will take away your empty tank and swap it for a certified and filled propane tank.

Saving You Time

The Propane Guys are dedicated to saving you time. You have a family, a career, and a life outside of running errands. During the winter months in Alaska, the idea of filling your propane tank is even more of a daunting task. So go directly home after work, or to your kids sporting event. The Propane Guys will pick up the task of delivering propane right to your door. You won’t even have to give up grilling during the winter because of us!

Dedicated to Earning Your Business

The Propane Guys are dedicated to earning your business. We won’t ask for repeat business or referrals, we want to earn it. We are easy to connect with to answer any questions by emailing us at or contacting us at 907-272-SWAP. We are focused on growing our business around the specific needs of our clients. Everything is unique in Alaska, this is why we take the approach to listening and implementing client suggestions as we continue to grow.

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